The door to Dad’s Man Cave opened and Dad stepped out. He walked over to Mack’s room first.

“Hey Mack. Grab your brother. We have haircut appointments with Mr. Bart in an hour.” said Dad.

“OK.” Mack said as he went into the bathroom to brush his hair. “CHEESE!” he yelled from the bathroom.

Cheese opened his door and yelled back, “What’s up?!”

Mack replied, “Brush and comb your hair. We’re about to head to the barbershop. Dad is already downstairs.”

About 5 minutes later, Cheese joined Dad and Mack on the couch. Dad spoke up, “No need to sit down. We need to head on over.”

It was a nice day out, so Dad took the cover off of the Jeep and made the 30 minute trip to the shop.

“Hey Mr. Bart! How’s it going, sir?” asked Cheese as they came in through the door.

“I’m doing pretty good, Cheese. I can’t complain, sir. Are you first today? If you are, hop right up.” replied Mr. Bart.

“Well, that would be me! And if you don’t mind, I would like a flat top haircut.” responded Cheese.