Riding a bicycle was one of the hardest things I (Mack) have ever learned. Dad took me to the school’s parking lot to learn. It took us about four good trips. When the fourth trip was over, I got the hang of it and love it.
Now Cheese is going with Dad to learn to ride. “Come with me” Dad says to Cheese. He loads the balance bike and Cheese’s big bike onto the truck.
“Where are we going, Dad?!” Cheese asks.
“To the school to teach you how to ride a bike without training wheels.” He replied. He parks on a hill over at the school and we unload the bikes, no more training wheels… we hope!
Dad instructs, “I want you to get on the balance bike and see how far you can go without putting your feet on the ground.”
“OK, Dad!” said Cheese.
At first, Cheese needed to place his feet on the ground the whole time. After a while, Cheese was able to balance with his feet up for a long time. The skies were darkening.
“OK Cheese. You’re doing GREAT! Let’s go a couple more times and then head home. It’s getting dark and your bedtime is approaching. We’ll come back again this week.”
Cheese felt accomplished.
“Dad, can you show Mom the video you took of me riding my bike?” Cheese asked as he grabs Dad’s phone.
“Look Mom!” exclaimed Cheese as he shoved Dad’s phone in Mom’s face.
“Good job!” she said.
“Thank you! Dad said we’re going to be finished this week and I won’t need training wheels EVER again!”
“Really?!” Mom says.