Cheese got up from the couch. He could not finish the cartoons, because Dad told him to wait. He found Mom in the kitchen flipping through one of her many cookbooks.

“Hey Mom! What are we cooking for lunch?” asked Cheese.

“Ah! Just found it.” Mom said. “I was looking for this macaroni recipe. I plane to make some macaroni and baked BBQ chicken… and probably some vegetables.”

“Just not broccoli! Broccoli tastes like cold water, if it is not seasoned correctly. Can I help you cook? Dad went upstairs to fix the haircut Mack gave himself.” Cheese said.

“Mack did what?” Mom asked as she started gathering the ingredients.

“Cheese took a deep breath, “Long story short, Mack got Dad’s hair clippers and cut 50 bald patches in his head. He could not finish, so he came downstairs and asked Dad for help.”

“Well since your Dad is helping him, I will not fuss. Mack should know better than that. Pass me the lima beans, salt, pepper, and the pasta noodles. It is time to start cooking!” announced Mom.

“YES!” said Cheese as he began gathering the requested items around the kitchen.

“Cheese. Never stop cooking. Believe me. You are gonna be hungry one day and you are gonna have to cook something for yourself.” predicted Mom.

“That’s OK. I am gonna have a chef!” said Cheese.