“Mom! It’s cookie time! It’s about TIME we made some peanut butter cookies. They’ve been in the pantry for days now.” Cheese requested.

Mom countered, “Can I get a raincheck, son?”

Cheese went into negotiation mode, “A raincheck? As long as ‘a raincheck’ means later today!”

Mom agreed, “Deal I just can’t right now. I’m kinda tired and we just finished breakfast.”

Cheese ran upstairs to share the good news with Mack. He was in the room playing Chess by himself. Ever since Christmas, he’s been working on getting better.

Cheese bragged, “Hey Mack! I’m making peanut butter cookies with Mom later.”

Mack replied, “Oh yeah!? Well Whoop dee doo! I don’t even like peanut butter cookies.”

Cheese was puzzled, “But you love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I don’t get it.”

Mack explained, Because they’re different! One is a cookie and the other is a sandwich…with jelly! DUH!”

“You’re weird, Bro!” Cheese added.

Mack ended the convo, Let me know when you make some chocolate chip!” And he went back to playing Chess.