“Mom, meet me in the kitchen in 10 minutes, please. I haven’t baked anything in a while. So I am overdue for a cake or some cookies or something.” Said Cheese.

Mom thought for a second. “First of all, you got me on this floor playing Brix with you. Now you want to go downstairs and bake?” said Mom.

“Are you coming, Mom? I could ask Dad, but I think he’s building something in the backyard. PLUS, I like this bonding time we have going on right now.” Cheese said.

Mom smiled, “Since you put it that way. Let’s go bake something.”

“GREAT! While you clean up the Brix, I’ll go get the recipe and ingredients together.” Cheese announced.

“You are lucky I love you, son! I won’t be cleaning up after you anymore!” Mom said.

Cheese gave Mom a hug, went downstairs, and opened the Family Reunion Cookbook.

“Ahhh! Just what I needed, Aunt Tee’s Red Velvet Cake recipe! I’ll get started before Mom gets down here. All she will have to do is preheat the oven and flour the pans!” said Cheese.

Mom came downstairs as Cheese was mixing.

“It does not look like you need my help. You are almost done. Do you still need my help?” asked Mom.