“Cheese. I think our house is the hangout spot during DAYVID.” Mack thought out loud as he and Cheese sat on the colored bench in the backyard.

Cheese agreed, “Yeah, man. But right now only Gary is allowed to play with us. I remember when everybody used to be here. Look! Here comes Gary right now. He must have seen us sitting out here.”

Mack greeted him, “Hey Gary! Our Dad is grilling hot dogs. Do you want some?”

Dad’s head popped up over the grill with a puzzled look.

“I love hot dogs… with ketchup because mustard tastes weird.” Gary said.

Cheese interrupted, “Let’s go play Mine City in the woods while we wait! I’ll go get the shovels.”

20 minutes passed before Dad called the boys over. “BOYS! Go wash your hands and come grab a hot dog. Fresh off the grill… with a little burntness!” They also grabbed a bottle of water to wash it down.

“Aww man, these hot dogs are great! I could eat like a hundred of these with no bun!” said Cheese.

“Yeah! Im gonna enter a hot dog eating contest. I can eat a lot!!” bragged Mack.

“Well enjoy these, because TWO is all you’re getting today!” said Dad.

About 10 minutes later, we heard the ice cream truck. Mack ran in the house and reminded Mom that she owed them some ice cream.

Mack ordered for everyone, “Gary, here’s a Chocolate Pop. Cheese, I got your Strawberry Sandwich. Dad wanted a Strawberry Crunch. I got your Drumstick, Mom. And I wanted a Blast Off Pop! Thanks Mom!”