Mack came running down the stairs yelling, “I got my money, Dad!”

Dad asked, “How much money did you get?”

“I have it in this pocket.” Mack replied pointing to his front pocket.

“That’s not the question I asked you, son. How much? How much will be a number. While you think on that… Cheese! Are you coming to the store with us?” Dad asked.

Cheese replied, “Only if we can stop by Wall Markets to get some Brix.”

Dad shook his head, “Well. I guess you’re not going. I’m only making one stop on this trip… Mack. How much money do you have?”

Mack spoke up, “I have about eight dollars, Dad.” He flashed the cash and coins to Dad and stuffed them into his pocket.

Mack and Dad got into the truck.

“WAIT!!!” Cheese yelled as he ran out of the garage door. “It’s ok if you don’t go to Wall Markets. I just want to ride with you guys.

They all buckled up and headed to the store.

Dad turned into our substitute math teacher! “OK, it’s time to do some math, guys. Mack, you have one- five dollar bill and three- one dollar bills. You have $8. This Brix box you’re buying costs $6. With tax, it’ll be around $6.60. How much of your money are you going to give the cashier?”

“$6” Mack quickly replied.

Dad sounded disappointed, “Come on Mack. Think before you give an answer. You have $8. Your box costs you $6 and 60 cents. How much money should you give the cashier?”