“Hey Mom! Thanks for meeting me in the kitchen. I have something to ask you.” said Cheese.

Mom giggled, “And what is that, sir?”

Cheese rubbed his hands together quickly as if he had a master plan in his brain. “Ok. It has been a long while since we have worked together in the kitchen. So what I have done is I have gathered all of the ingredients to make our famous PB&J cookies.” stated Cheese. “I know you have time because Dad already told me!”

“I’m gonna get your Dad for telling you that! But, yes Cheese I do have some time. Let’s bake some cookies together, son.” Mom said.

“Whoa! It actually worked! I hadn’t asked Dad about your schedule. I made that part up. I just asked if he would tell you to meet me in the kitchen. But I’m glad you’re free though.” smiled Cheese.

Mom got upset instantly, “Are you telling me that you just lied to me? We don’t do that in this house, young man! And you know that!”

“I’m sorry Mom!” Cheese apologized as his eyes started to water.

“And I’m sorry too. Sorry that we will NOT be baking cookies today.” replied Mom.