“Look Mack. Here comes the babysitter in the driveway.” Cheese whispered from the window overlooking the garage.

“Get down! She’s gonna see you!” Mack demanded. “That was close. We need to hide from her all night.”

The doorbell rang and then Mom called from downstairs. “Mack and Cheese, come downstairs! Miss Meesette is here!”

Before Mom could start, we recited the babysitting rules in unison. “No yelling. No Fighting. Listen to Miss Meesette. No talking back and no running around the house like we don’t have any home training.”

“You got that right!” Dad said chiming in. “We’ll be back in a few hours. Have fun, guys!”

They left and the fun began.

Miss Meesette pulled out her Terf gun and we rant to our rooms to get ours. It was Battle Time!

Mack commanded, “Grab the ammo dude!”

Cheese looked over the balcony into the living room. No sign of Miss Meesette! “Uh oh, Mack! I don’t see her. We’re in for a real fight!”