“Let’s go to the park, guys!” Dad said.
Under his breath he said we were being loud and bothersome. “Let’s go work off some steam.” He continued.
So Mack and Cheese grabbed their bikes and off they went to the park. Cheese still has training wheels, so Dad walked with him while Mack pedaled ahead. They went to their favorite park in town: It has swings, two slides, a rock climbing wall and four different ways to get up to the slides!
“Cheese, let’s not play on the playground. Let’s play with this ‘boomerang’,” said Mack holding a stick he had just found on the ground.
“Wait! Hold that thought. Dad is climbing up the big slide! I’m going over there with him!” Cheese said as he sprinted across the field.
“Not without me!” Mack said leaving Cheese in his dust.
They had a good time playing on the rock climbing wall and swings with Dad. A couple of hours and several water breaks later, it was time to go!
Cheese crossed his legs and said “Uh, Dad. I gotta go potty!”
“Party’s over, Mack! We gotta get Cheese home” Dad said.
Dad took the long way home though… the one that took us by our favorite ice cream shop, The Pink Turtle.