“Hey Cheese. Have you ever sat and thought about what you want to be when you grow up?!” asked Mack.

“Sure Bro! What about it?” Cheese responded.

Mack inquired, “Well, you’ve only been on earth for a few years. What do you want to be?”

Cheese let out a sigh and began to think. “Hmm, lemme think. It’s changed over the past few days. At first, I thought about being a policeman. But I don’t like donuts! THEN I thought about being Erik Livemonger, but he’s a bad guy… I think. I’ve decided I want to be the next Neighborhood Spiderguy! What do you want to be?”

Mack’s face started to light up. He had been thinking about this all day. “I’ve decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadow. BUT if I was to walk in anyone’s shadow… I want to be a mix of Mom and Dad… the nice parts. You know they can be mean sometimes. I don’t want those parts. I want the beauty and heart of Mom and the brains and the handiness of Dad. What do you think? What do YOU want to be?”

“That sounds great, Mack! You talked so long that you forgot you already asked me that question.” said Cheese.

Mack replied, “I know! I was talking to them!”

Mack and Cheese turned toward the screen and faced the reader of this story. What do you want to be?