“Guess what, Mack!? Mom slept in my room last night!” bragged Cheese.

“If she slept in your room, why did you come in my room waking me up?” asked Mack.

“OH! She came in while I was in your room. Turns out that she could not sleep either. So we sang a song and fell asleep. Thanks for the advice!” said Cheese.

“POP QUIZ! What’s 4+4? 8+8? and 2+12?” asked Mack.

Cheese smiled, “EASY! 8! 16! and 14! Enough of the schoolwork! It’s Saturday. Time to hit the garage with Dad.”

The boys went to their closets and put on their boots, as if they were getting ready to do some real work. They got downstairs and found Dad sitting on the couch watching football.

“Dad. What you doing? You supposed to be in the garage, doin some work. Let’s go, bro!” said Mack.

Dad looked back at Mack. “BRO?! I got your Bro!” Then he jumped up from the couch and playfully chased the boys to the garage.

“Dad. We have a plan that we want you to help us with. It is getting colder outside and us fellas need a shelter in the backyard. So here are the plans for our clubhouse.” said Cheese as he unfolded the paper. “If you make it big enough, you can fit too!”