Dad was leading art class today. Something he hadn’t done in a while. Cheese started drawing in his sketch book. Mack followed along too.

“OK guys. Finally, draw in his legs and his shoes. I’m going to draw boots on my guy. You can draw shoes if you want to.” Instructed Dad.

“I’m gonna draw boots too and add some snowflakes falling from the sky.” Cheese said.

“I’m gonna to draw his in short pants and shoes. It’s how outside!” said Mack.

“All that matters is that you guys have fun doing this. So how have you guys been doing? How’s school with Mom?” Dad asked.

“It’s ok.” Said Cheese.

Dad raised his eyebrows, “That’s it? Just OK?”

“No, sir. It’s more than OK, Dad. Mom is doing great! I’m learning a lot and I’m sure Cheese is too. We have been learning a few different languages. Some Spanish, Swahili, and Latin… and of course, English or grammar. The Latin helps out in the garden. Lots of garden stuff is in Latin. We’re good though. Sometimes the days are long. That’s usually the worst part.” Mack answered.

“Well that’s awesome guys. Continue to be great students and remain obedient. Your Mom is doing a fantastic job!” said Dad.