“Attention all Sage Creek Leadership Academy Lions! It is now time for art class.” Dad announced.

“Hey Dad! It has been a while since you have led our art class. Are you alright?” asked Mack.

“Yes. I am fine. Mom was substituting for me while I did some work stuff. Now that work stuff is over, so I can get back to leading art class with you guys.” answered Dad.

“Great! I am glad you are back. Mom made us draw food stuff. You let us draw video game-type stuff. I do not want to draw beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, and turkeys. You name it, she made us draw it in our sketch pads.” complained Cheese.

Well it must have been the boys’ lucky day. Dad picked out a Black Jaguar superhero drawing. It took them about 20 minutes to get it to where they liked it.

“MAN! My Black Jaguar looks so real. I am going to add claws to his hands.” said Cheese.

“That sounds cool, bro! I am going to add his black staff and purple cape.” Mack added.

Cheese gave Mack a confused look, “Uhhh! Black Jaguar does NOT have a purple cape. Doctor Weird has a magic cape. I don’t even think it is purple. You are mixing our heroes up, man!”