Mack sat on the edge of Cheese’s bed. “Hey bro. We should go to the archery range. We have to figure out how to get Dad… or Mom to take us.”

Cheese laughed, “MOM? You know Mom is not roaming through the woods and getting all dusty. And If I am honest with you. I do not want to get dusty either. You can go with Dad and I will stay here with Mom.”

“Well, sounds like more fun for me! Now I gotta see if Dad wants to go.” said Mack as he slid off the bed to go find Dad.

Dad was in his office doing some community work on his laptop. Mack knocked and he looked up.

“Hey Mack! What’s up?” asked Dad.

“Dad. I think we should go to the archery range. We have not shot our bow and arrows in a while. I got some money saved, so I will pay for it. Let’s go!” offered Mack.

Dad thought for a bit, “I could use a little break. grab your bow bag and put it on the back of the truck. I will grab mine too. We gotta make sure we have everything we need. the range is about an hour from here.”