“It’s nice out here in the woods. It’s so quiet and peaceful.” Said Mack reclining in his blue camping chair.

“Let’s go walk down to the lake. I’m ready to fish. We’ve been practicing our rod casting. Time to put it to work!” Cheese said.

“You go get the rods and I’ll go get Dad.” Mack said.

Mack found Mom and Dad down by the campfire.

Mack took a knee by Dad’s chair and said, “Hey Dad. We’re ready to go fishing now. Cheese is getting the rods, bait, and the tackle box.”

Mom and Dad laughed. “Guys. It’s too late to go fishing right now. We’re going to go first thing in the morning. Early worms catches the fish.” Said Dad.

Cheese walked up to everyone at the campfire and was disappointed. “Well I guess I’ll put these away until the morning. So now what do we do?”

“We make s’mores! I have the crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows right here!” Said Mom.

“That’s a fair trade off. S’mores taste better than fish any day. Do we have any hot dogs?” asked Mack.

“You’ll have to get them from the cooler in the back of the truck.” Mom said. “Grab the plates and napkins too.”