The time had finally come, it’s go time!

“OK guys! We are here!” Dad announced excitedly.

“Uhh here where, Dad?” asked Mack. “All I see are trees, an apartment building, and a golf course.”

Cheese agreed, “Yeah! Where is the water that was close!”

“Let me go check us in and we will show you.” said Dad.

He went into a building with a “Registration” sign. 15 minutes later, he came back.

Dad shouted, “I got the keys!”

“OK, where is it? I am still not impressed.” sighed Mack.

“Come with me” Dad said as he closed the driver’s door.

We all put on our masks, got out and walked through the Registration Building.

“Whoa!!! That is the most beautifulest pool EVER!” shouted Mack.

“YES!! A pool!” yelled Cheese. “Let’s get in!”

Mom and Dad smiled at each other.
“And the beach is not too far from here either.” Mom said. “But let’s unload, sanitize the rooms, and unpack first. DAYVID is still out here, guys.”

Mack whined, “DAYVID is down here too? When is this thing over?”