Cheese smiled, “Mack, I LOOOVE this time of year! The weather is changing. They days are getting longer and…”

“And your birthday is coming up! I know and I think everybody knows. You tell us every day, Cheese!” Mack interrupted sounding annoyed.

“You got that right, bro! My birthday is in six more days and I can’t wait!” said Cheese impatiently waiting for his big day to come.

“What do you THINK we are getting you? Because I already KNOW what we’ve already gotten you.” Bragged Mack.

“Well if Mom and Dad got what I put on my birthday list: I’m getting a video game, a Revenger Brix set, a Mineshaft Brix set, more Brix, money to buy Brix or a Brix gift card, and some ice cream.” Cheese listed.

“That list made my head hurt. You just want Brix!” Mack laughed. “That’s a lot of stuff. Don’t you know that birthdays are not always about gifts? They are about celebrating with friends and family!”

“Well with DAYVID going on, I can’t really do that! So what I am gonna do is. Invite folks to drive by, drop off their gifts and we celebrate that way!” said Cheese.

Mack slapped his face, “One day you will figure it out, my dude.”

Cheese smiled, “Don’t forget to wear your mask!”