“Ummm, Dad’s acting weird, Mack!” Cheese said as he walked into Mack’s room and plopped on the bed.

“What you talkin about, Cheese?” asked Mack.

“Weird like he walked up to me, gave me a big hug, and kissed my head! Don’t get me wrong, I like hugs, but the kiss made it weird.” Cheese said disgustingly.

Mack agreed, “You are right! That is weir…”

“MACK!!” Dad interrupted as he walked into Mack’s room.

Dad scooped Mack up off of the floor gave him a big, long, bear hug, kissed him on the head and walked out of the room as quickly as he appeared. Didn’t say one word!

Mack and Cheese looked at each other with the same “Something in DEFINITELY wrong with Dad!” look on their faces.

“Cheese remind me to ask Mom what that was all about later.” Mack said.

“OK! What day is it? Maybe something happened on this day.” Said Cheese.

They both looked at the calendar: “January 26, 2020”

“Hmm, doesn’t ring a bell… oh well, let’s get bacK tO work! I’m planning to BE on Brix Builders next season!” Mack dreamed.