The family was sitting around the dinner table, when Cheese said, “Mom. You do realize that I don’t eat seafood, right? You put a pile of shrimp on my plate. Yuck!”

Mom thought out loud, “DOH! I’m sorry. I gave you Mack’s plate. He loves popcorn shrimp.”

Mack spoke up, “I sure do. No wonder I have a bowl of oatmeal. I don’t eat oatmeal at dinnertime. “

Mom looked at Cheese, “How about you try the shrimp. And you, Mack, try the oatmeal.”

“That’s not funny, Mom. I’ll pass this time. Mack, hand me that bowl. Here’s your popcorn shrimp.” directed Cheese.

Besides the meal mix-up, dinner went off as planned. Dad enjoyed his medium cooked steak and Mom enjoyed her medium-well steak and shrimp.

“Hey Dad. Can we go upstairs now?” asked Mack.

“Put those dishes in the sink. Rinse them out first and place, DO NOT DROP them in the sink. Then you can go.” Dad replied.

Mack and Cheese ran through the kitchen dropping the dishes in the sink.

“Mack, get your medieval castle Brix sets and meet me in the hallway.” said Cheese.

“I’m not sure that I want to play Brix right now, bro. Let’s race paper airplanes in the hall.” suggested Mack.

“Meh. I’m not sure about paper planes either. Rock Paper Scissors?” replied Cheese.

Mack smiled, “Rock! Paper! Scissors! SHOOT!”