Mack and Cheese were getting ready for bed. They had taken their showers, brushed their teeth, and were settling into bed. Mom and Dad came into the room to read and put them to bed.

“Hey guys! It’s bedtime! Which book are we reading tonight?” Mom asked.

Cheese held up a book, “This one!” It was his favorite Black Jaguar storybook.

Dad smiled, “I should have guessed! Revengers. Hey guys. In a couple of days, we are going to go on an adventure! Mom has already packed your bags.”

Mack’s face lit up, “Where are we going?! I am so ready!”

“We cannot tell you. You will have to see when we get there. We think you will have fun!” said Mom.

“Aww man! Now I will never be able to go to sleep.” said Cheese as he thought out loud.

“Hey Cheese! Where do you think we are going?” asked Mack.

Cheese replied, “I think we are going to see waterfalls!”

“Close!” said Mom.