“Hey Dad! Where’s Mom going? We haven’t had school yet!” said Cheese.

“She has a doctor’s appointment and went to do a little shopping. She will be back later.” Replied Dad.

Mack asked, “Well who is going to teach us today?”

Dad smiled, “You are looking at him!”

“YOU!?” yelled Cheese.

“Yes me! I’m going to be your substitute teacher today. We’re going to start with Math because Math is my thing!” Dad said.

Dad led the boys in each of their Math lessons. Then he let them go to their rooms for a little break.

“Bro! Dad is taking so long with this Math!” complained Cheese.

“I knooow! Mom would have done Math AND Science AND reading by now!” agreed Mack.

“RIGHT! I thought Math was “his thing’? He sure is taking his time. Maybe things will speed up after this break.” Cheese said.

“You guys don’t think I’m doing a good job?” Dad asked while standing at Mack’s door.

“We didn’t say that, Dad.” Said a surprised Cheese.

“We just said you’re taking longer than Mom would.” Added Mack.

“Well in that case, take the rest of the day off. I’ll let Mom finish up tomorrow.” Said Dad.