Trash day isn’t that much fun… until we get paid!

“Cheesy Mack!” called Dad.
That’s what he calls the boys when they’re in trouble OR when there’s work to be done. This time, it was the latter, THANK GOODNESS!

Mack started dividing up the work, “OK Cheese. You get our rooms. I’ll get the three bathrooms, Mom & Dad’s room and the guest room. Hopefully Dad will get the kitchen’s trashcan.”

We could hear the garbage truck a few streets over. Cheese struggled with his one little trash bag. “A little help here, please Mack!” he said.

“Come on Cheese. The bag can’t be that heavy. You only had two rooms!” Mack complained. “THIS is a full bag!” and held up a saggy bag full of trash.

Cheese replied, “Well Mom said, ‘On the next trash day pick up all of the toys you boys have on the floor in your rooms and put them in a garbage bag, because they don’t belong there.’ So I did!”

“OH NO!” Mack shouted. “Give me that bag!”
Mack snatched the bag open! And just as he thought… he saw several of his Brix, Terf bullets and superhero cards in there. “You can’t take this bag downstairs! Some of my good toys are in here!”

“Well you shouldn’t have left them on the floor!” argued Cheese.

“OK I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll finish up with the trash in the house, if you put my toys back in my room and don’t tell Mom. Deal?” Mack offered.

Cheese shook Mack’s extended hand, “DEAL!”

As Mack was coming down the stairs with his trash bag, Dad was calling for the boys! “Cheesy Mack! The garbage truck is next door! Get my trash cans out to the street!”

Mack ran and placed his bags on the curb. Then he ran to the back of the house to get the garbage cans. By the time he got back around the house, the truck was done with their house. He looked towards the house and saw Dad standing in the driveway. “Where’s your brother?!”