“Lunch was pretty tasty today, Mack! The corn dogs weren’t too burnt and the fries were perfect! They even gave me blue cheese for dipping my fries.” Cheese said as he patted his full belly.

“Mom ordered my favorite pizza from My Pie Pizzeria. They have Build Your Own style. So I ordered the regular crust, white & pesto sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni… lots of pepperoni and black olives.. and pineapples! It’s sooo good with a soda!” said Mack.

Mom yelled down the stairs, “Boys meet me in the schoolroom. It’s drawing time. With Mr. Moe on YouTube.”

The boys washed their hands and ran up stairs. Mom had their sketchpads waiting.

Cheese asked, “I wonder what we’re going to draw today. Yesterday, we drew one of the Revengers. That was cool.”

“I’m hoping it’s be one of the Brix sets. It would be cool if he showed us how to draw that!” Mack wondered.

Mom said, “It’s showtime.” And turned the computer up.

The video started and Mr. Moe said, “Hey guys! Today we’re gonna draw a _________!”

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