“Dad. Are we going somewhere?” Mack asked.

Dad smiled and replied, “We sure are! Where? You ask? You’ll see when we get there. For now, I need yall to get a pair of socks, underwear and PJs. Mom will pack your clothes.”

Mack and Cheese ran to their rooms to get the things Dad asked for.

“I wonder where we’re going.” Mack wondered as he grabbed his Revenger pajamas. “I hope it’s fireworks. I saw Dad put chairs in the car. I bet you it’s fireworks. I love fireworks!” Cheese imagined.

“You may love fireworks, but I love staying in hotels! We get wi-fi, swimming pools, and breakfast. I hope they have waffles!” said Mack.

Three hours later, they arrived at the hotel and got to the room.

Mack jumped onto the bed, “Mom, can we lay on the bed and just watch TV?”

Mom had a shocked face on her face, “We drove up to the mountains and all you want to do is watch TV? We could have left you at home!”

“Let’s head back down to the lobby. I think they’re still serving breakfast.” Dad said.

They all ate until they were stuffed and went back to the room to freshen up.

“That breakfast was AMAZING!” Mack shouted as he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. “That was my first time having bagels and chicken sausage! The waffle boats and OJ set it off! Dee-licious!”

“It was pretty tasty.” Mom agreed.

Cheese chimed in, “I liked the donuts, oatmeal, and brown sugar!”

“Take a break now, guys. We’re gonna head out in a minute.” Dad said.