Mack found Dad’s hair clippers in the bag under his bathroom sink.

“Now to get back to my bathroom.” he whispered. Mack tiptoed to the hallway, looked out, and sprinted into their bathroom.

Cheese was standing at the sink washing his hands.

“What are you doing with that?” Cheese asked pointing at the bag.”

“You gotta keep quiet, but these are Dad’s clippers. I am gonna cut my hair with them.” answered Mack.

“WHAT? Do you know how to use those things? This could be bad. What if you mess up?” Cheese said.

“No, I have not used these before. That is what I have you for! As I cut my hair, you let me know if I missed a spot. AND I am gonna need you to cut a lightning bolt into my hair, OK?” said Mack.

Cheese thought for a bit, “What if Dad catches us?”

“He’s not! Come on!” begged Mack.

Cheese shook his head, “No thanks! I am out!” and went into his room. Then he walked back into their bathroom and said, “Get started. I’m goin downstairs and distract Dad. Hurry up!”

Mack looked into the mirror, turned on the clippers, and proceeded to cut a large bald patch on the top of his head, “No turning back now, I guess.”